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About searcy

"The city where thousands live as millions wish they could."

-Vince WhIBB 

Founded in 1838, Searcy, Arkansas is home to 23,000+ people.  Also home to Harding University, Harding Academy, and Searcy Beauty School, there is a large student population. Searcy is the biggest city in the greater white county area of Arkansas. 


Richard Searcy, an early settler of the Arkansas territory and prominent legislator, was appointed to the Fourth Circuit Superior Court of Arkansas by President James Monroe as well as where Searcy gets its name. This city is an untapped nature hub that we want to share with you.

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Pride – Progress – Potential 

Small business revolution

In The Spring of 2019 the City of Searcy competed for and won a small town renovation competition. They were able to revamp several small business and they were each featured in an episode of the show My Small Business Revolution voted on by locals and nationwide. Among those who were featured were BurritoDay and Savor&Sip.  It was hosted by Ty Pennington. 

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Art Alley

A local hot spot featuring works by many small local artists. Whats not fun about turning an empty space into a creative bubble?

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Rialto theatre

One of the oldest buildings in downtown Searcy Square. This stuck in time place is a friendly reminder of a vibrant past. 

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Court House

In the center of the square the courthouse is what brings the city together. It is decorated seasonly and is used for local events.

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