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It is our Goal to have minimal impact on nature around us and simply blend in or leave it better then we found it. 

Below are some of our Eco-friendly procedures:

  • All furniture and finishes are sourced and have low VOC (Volatile organic compounds. )  

  • The trees cleared for our site were incorporated into the building design.

  • All bathroom faucets are low flow to reduce water waste.

  • Toilets are dual flush and use non potable water.

  • The building has a green roof to prevent the heat island effect.

  • Interior lights automatically adjust based on the amount of natural daylight to save energy.

  • Exterior lights dim at night o they won't negatively affect nocturnal animals.

  • Plants are used in the interior to purify the air 

  • Soap and shampoo dispensers are used in the hotel rooms to diminish waste.  

-Run-off control through the use of rain gardens

- high efficiency outdoor lighting

- reducing the light pollution by using downward pointing fixtures 

- recycling and trash cans throughout the park 

- wood duck and other bird houses to promote wildlife population

- utilizing permeable surfaces (parking lots and paths) allowing water to drain through when possible

- water fountains throughout park where possible to cut back on plastic water bottles

- pet waste sites stocked with biodegradable bags

- planting native plants that that will continue to flourish and support already existing

Sustainability Features of the Park

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